Club History

Inaugural Meeting: 17th April 1959
Date of Affiliation: 1st May 1959
First President: Betty Crump
First Secretary: Thirza Maher
First Treasurer: Ruby Hunter
First Vice Presidents: Thirza Kennedy and Ruby Farrell
Foundation Members: Lottie Ackling, Sylvia Beer, Dorothy Broomfield, Margaret Brown, Betty Crump, Ruby Farrell, Beryl Hewitt, Ruby Hunter, Thirza Kennedy, Thirza Maher, Agnes Nash, Doris Neate, Emily O’Brien, Ella Pearson, Ellen Pike, Beryl Savage, Doris Smith, Robina Templeton

Some of HDWBC original members

On 2 April 1959, eighteen ladies attended a Special Meeting held on the verandah of the Clubhouse to form the Constitution of the Hills District Women’s Bowling Club.

Following this, on 17 April 1959, the inaugural meeting was held to elect Office Bearers and the Management Committee. Mrs J Cotterall officiated and the Management Committee was formed, involving all eighteen (18) foundation members.

It was agreed that the Club be named “The Hills District Women’s Bowling Club” (known as The Hills) and the club was affiliated with WBNSW on 1 May 1959.

By the time of the first AGM on 12 July 1960, the membership had increased to fifty (50). Within 2 months, membership had jumped to ninety (90) and in 1999, when the Club celebrated its’ 40th anniversary, the number of members stood at a whopping 166.

There have been quite a number of achievements since the Club was formed over 60 years ago and the first was winning the Grade 3 Pennant Flag in 1974-75.

Since that year, the Hills have won a total of 21 pennant flags:

6 x Grade 1
2 x Grade 2
6 x Grade 3
7 x Grade 4

We have also had a number of members successful in Mitchell District Championships or selected to represent Mitchell District in various inter-District challenges – congratulations to you all.

Since 1959 there have been 22 Presidents, 17 Secretaries (Nancy Angel held the position for 14 years) and 15 Treasurers (Janice Thomas holding the position for 18 years).

The Club has had 9 Patrons since it began, and the first was in 1982 – Ruby Hunter.

Followed by: Mary Lake, Gloria Taylor, Millie Davie, Nancy Angel, Neta Lester, Eileen Manning, Mary Thomas, Meg Biscoe